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Tank Monitoring

Never go empty again!

Gain peace of mind
Eliminate unnecessary deliveries
Check your building temperature remotely
Ideal for second home owners

Brought to you by George Propane
The George Propane Tank Monitoring System

How does it work?
The Tank Monitoring System consists of a transmitter connected directly to your propane tank and a small receiver connected to a phone jack in your home. The system sends a wireless signal from the tank to your house and continually monitors your propane tank level and the temperature inside your home. Several times a month the receiver calls George Propane to let us know how much propane you have in your tank and the temperature inside your home. The receiver also calls George Propane when either the propane tank level or inside temperature falls below a predetermined set point, greatly reducing the chance of an out-of-gas or freeze-up event at your home or business. In addition to notifying George Propane, you can also be notified via FAX or email. You may also view the status of your propane tank level and inside temperature on the internet ( ) at any time.

Is it reliable?
Yes. We researched and field tested several models before deciding on Centeron by Robertshaw, a worldwide leader in automation and controls for over 50 years.

Where should I put the receiver?
The receiver needs to be plugged into a phone jack. Many people put it in the kitchen or a guest bedroom. It can share a phone line with an answering machine or a modem without interference.

Will it interrupt my telephone calls?
No. The monitoring system knows when you're on the phone, so it will not interrupt your call. The receiver will wait until you are not using the phone before making a call to George Propane.

Will I see a charge on my phone bill?
No. The unit calls a toll-free number.

Does it make any noise?
No. The receiver works silently.

What do I have to do?
The Tank Monitoring System requires very little maintenance on your part. If you ever notice that the receiver does not show a green light, check that it is plugged in. If you are certain that the power is on and still do not see a green light, call George Propane.

I'm on Automatic Refill. Why would I want a tank monitor?
- Our goal is to provide the best possible service at an affordable price. To meet this goal, George Propane needs to be as efficient as possible.
- By installing a monitor, you help us deliver the optimal amount of propane to your tank, increasing our efficiency and helping us to keep down our costs and your price per gallon.
- Our customers' usage patterns sometimes change. Simply adding a gas appliance such as a decorative hearth product, hot water heater, space heater, pool heater, barbeque grill or generator can increase your fuel usage, causing you to run out of fuel if we are not notified. Discontinuing use of wood or pellet-burning stoves can also have the same results.
- Sometimes winter weather prevents us from making a delivery. With a monitor, we can be sure your delivery arrives when you need it most.
- With the inside temperature monitoring feature, even if your residence is not a second home, you can go away for a long weekend or winter vacation, feeling assured that your tank level and inside temperature are monitored and that we'll be notified if they fall below the set points.

How do I sign up?
Call George Propane at (413) 268-8360 or email us at

George Propane Tank Monitoring System Price List

Option 1 Lease
$12/month to lease unit
includes monthly monitoring fee

Option 2 Purchase
$395 to purchase unit
$4/month for monitoring

Professional installation and setup are provided at no charge no matter which option you choose.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
If you are not satisfied, call us within the first six months. We will remove the unit and refund your money. Refund does not apply to monthly monitoring fees.

Prices are subject to change. Prices do not include sales tax.