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Smart Pay

Our Smart Pay Plan is available to those customers who wish to pay for their propane in 11 monthly installments. A PDF brochure about Smart Pay Plan is available here. The plan starts in September and ends in July. Smart Pay amounts are based on your estimated annual usage. All Smart Pay payments are due by the 10th of the month. In order to participate in the Smart Pay plan, payments must be made by automatic payment from your checking or savings account. George Propane will initiate the transaction on or about the 10th of the month. A Smart Pay plan will be cancelled if payments are not received as scheduled.

Automatic Bank Deduction Authorization

Thank you for agreeing to pay your bill using Automatic Payment. Electronic payment is a time saver for us and we trust you will find the convenience equally as satisfying.

Banking rules require that you give your approval to pay your bill in this way. The approval is active until you notify us that you want to stop using Automatic Payment.

Automatic Payment is safe, efficient, and consumer friendly. Banking law protects consumers from ever having to worry about someone taking money from their account using Automatic Payment in an unauthorized manner.


1. Please fill out this automatic bank deduction authorization in full. NOTE: *Required Field.
2. Read the Authorize Transactions & Conditions then click the agree check box.
This will then turn on the SUBMIT button.
3. Click the SUBMIT button on the bottom to submit the final form.
NOTE: You will be sent to a Thank You page when your application is successfully submitted.


Customer Applicant

Mailing Address

Bank Account Holder Name & Address

Bank Name & Address

AUTHORIZE TRANSACTIONS & CONDITIONS: I/we hereby authorize George Propane, Inc. to initiate entries to my checking or savings account at the financial institution listed above. In the event a transaction is returned unpaid for any reason, I/we also authorize the company to initiate a $35.00 returned item fee. George Propane, Inc. is not responsible for overdrawn account balances or overdraft fees charged by your financial institution. This authority will remain in effect until five (5) days after I/we provide written notice to cancel it.

I Agree with the above terms:

Before submitting please make sure of the following

  • All necessary information has been filled out.
  • All information is error-free
  • All information is correct and fraud-free.
  • For Fraud Prevention purposes, we have recorded your IP Address & the time of your submission.

* required information