Frequently Asked Questions


We calculate your propane usage based on your past history of propane usage as well as current weather conditions. Based on that information, we schedule a delivery to you when your tank is at around 25 percent full. Since the calculations aren’t exact, that will give you enough propane reserved so you won’t run out. Always let us know when you add a propane appliance like a stove, space heater, fireplace or water heater to your home so we can adjust our calculations.
The gauge on your propane tank measures the percentage of how full your tank is; it does not measure in gallons. Here’s an example: If the gauge on your 250-gallon propane tank reads 40, that means you have 100 gallons of propane left in the tank. If you don’t know what size your propane tank is, get in touch with us and we’ll tell you.
If you use will-call for propane delivery, you have to contact George Propane for delivery service when your propane tank gauge is at about 30 percent. That makes sure we have time to schedule a delivery before you run low. If you are an automatic delivery customer and your tank reaches 20 percent, call us to ensure that you’re scheduled for a propane delivery soon.
In most cases, George Propane owns the propane tank at your home. If you aren’t sure, contact us and we’ll confirm who owns the tank. If you need a new or larger propane tank, we offer safe and professional propane tank installation.
If you smell gas inside your home, get out IMMEDIATELY. Don’t use any switches or phones. Once you’re safely away from your home, call us right away. We have more detailed information on our Propane Safety page.
If you ran out of propane because you are a will-call customer or if you have a past due balance, there will be a fee added to check the gas system and turn on the gas. We also have delivery minimums, depending on the size of your tank:
  • 50-250 gallons: Fill
  • 320 gallon: 200 gallons
  • 500 gallon: 250 gallons
  • 850 gallons: 425 gallons
  • 1000 gallons:500 gallon

A fee of $35 is added to all delivery calls that do not want their tanks filled.

George Propane provides 24-hour emergency service for both propane deliveries and equipment service. Call 413-268-8360 or 800-464-2053.
Not a thing! You may actually save money with our price cap option because the price of your propane will never go above that cap. However, if propane prices fall, what you pay for propane goes down as well.
George Propane’s service technicians and plumbers are trained and experienced to work with virtually anything that operates on propane gas. Call 413-268-8360 or 800-464-2053 for service. We also offer 24/7 emergency service.
We offer several plans so it is easier for you to manage your propane costs. Go to our Payment Options page to learn more.
Automatic propane delivery takes away the work and worry of having propane delivered to your western Massachusetts home. You don’t have to keep checking your propane tank gauge levels and call to order us when it reaches 30 percent. And you don’t have to have an emergency propane delivery because you forgot to check (it happens).
Lighting pilots on today’s propane appliances and equipment varies depending on the manufacturer. Carefully review the manufacturer’s instructions before attempting to light the pilot. If you aren’t sure about it or need help, contact us to come light it for you.