Wall Heaters

Wall Heaters Bring the Heat

George Propane can help you warm up normally cold spaces

wall heatersYou’d be surprised at all the ways a propane wall heater can improve your western Massachusetts home or business.

Do you have unheated spaces in your home that go unused during cold weather, like a sunporch? Or maybe you have a space that you don’t use frequently, such as a basement bathroom or guest bedroom. Perhaps there’s a corner of your office that your furnace or boiler heating doesn’t reach and your employees are regularly cold.

Whatever your needs, a propane wall heater may be the solution.

Choosing the right wall heater

The professionals at George Propane will work with you to choose the type of wall heater that will do the job.

There are two types of propane wall heaters: Direct vent heaters use the oxygen from the outside of your home or building to do the combustion that generates the heat. The carbon monoxide created by the heating is then vented directly outside.

George Propane has wall heaters from top manufacturers such as Rinnai and can provide installation, service, maintenance, and repair work for your propane wall heater.

With a propane wall heater, you can work in your garage or workshop any time of year. You get supplemental heat during wicked-cold snaps. You can expand your living space to the sunporch for added space when the grandkids visit. And that unused shed in the backyard? You can make it your man cave or your she shed.

George Propane has the products, technicians and service to help you warm up your space. Contact us today to find out more!