Payment Options

Propane Delivery Payment Options

George Propane has payment plans that fit your needs

chartOne of the advantages of being a family-owned business based in western Massachusetts is that we know our customers. And we know that you have diverse needs when it comes to managing your propane bills.

That means we don’t do a one-size-fits-all approach. We have a variety of plans and payment options so you get the propane you need, and options that let you decide what’s best for your home and your budget.

Here’s what you have to choose from.

Smart Pay: If you like predictability in your budget, this is the plan for you! No more scrambling to cover increased propane usage during heating season, on top of holiday spending and tax bills. With Smart Pay, you spread your propane costs out over 11 even payments. No surprises! Enroll now

Price Cap: A price cap sets a ceiling, or cap, on how high your price can go. It also protects you if prices go down, but also allows your price to drop if the market rate goes lower. To provide you this insurance, we have a $179 enrollment fee. Each year enrollment starts in August and the price cap remains valid through July 31. If you are enrolled in Smart Pay, instead of paying your cap fee immediately, it can be spread it out over 11 months. You can also choose a price cap without participating in a SmartPay and pay for your deliveries as you go. Enroll now

Pre-Pay Fixed Price: You get to purchase your propane for the winter all at once and get a locked-in rate that protects you from any spikes in propane prices. And there’s no fee to do this! Don’t delay, each year enrollment begins in mid-June and ends in mid-August. Enroll now

AutoPay: No need to worry about writing a check, finding a stamp and mailing in your bill. And no need to remember to pay your bill online. And no worry ever about getting your George Propane bill paid on time. AutoPay automatically deducts your monthly bill from your credit card or bank account.

Our standard payment terms are net 15 days, which means payment is due in full 15 days from the invoice date. Payments made after that are subject to a finance charge.

Contact George Propane today and find out more about our great payment options!