Tank Monitors

Tank Monitors

Install a tank monitor and relax with our SmartFill Plan

tank monitorsWe always want our customers to have total confidence in their propane supply. That’s why our customers have the option to install top-of-the-line propane tank monitors.

The Otodata tank monitor can be installed in 15 minutes, with no need for us to enter your home. It measures the tank’s fuel level and then sends the readings to our office.

We’ll know how much fuel is in a customer’s tank at all times. With this precision, George Propane customers can feel 100% confident they will get exactly the fuel they need, when they need it.

That’s why we call it the SmartFill Plan, which delivers greater peace of mind. The name says it all.

Tank monitors give you 100% confidence

You no longer have to worry about running out of propane or managing your tank level, And there are no surprise bills or expenses, since you can track and budget for your next delivery.

The tank monitor is available to George Propane customers for a nominal monthly fee.

No run-out guarantee

With our industry-leading app, Nee-Vo, you can track your tank level on your smartphone, but that’s not all. You’ll be able to see how your fuel use is trending and you can call or email us with the tap of an icon.

tank monitor app

  • If you run out of propane while you’re enrolled in the SmartFill Plan, we will fill your tank for FREE.*
  • Smartphone app lets customers see how much fuel they are using and how much is in their tank, anytime, from anywhere
  • Ideal for customers with busy lives and for those who are away for extended periods in the winter. It’s one less thing to worry about!
  • With SmartFill, your propane deliveries are forecasted and scheduled automatically, as needed.
  • If you call for your fuel, the monitor can notify you when the propane level gets low. You can order gas right from the app. Avoiding just one run-out and restart fee will more than cover the annual cost of the monitor.
  • Free smartphone app gives you 100% convenience.

*Account balance must be current. Must be on automatic delivery.

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