The Benefits of Propane Over Electricity

If all you know about propane is home heating and BBQ grilling, you’ll be surprised at just how versatile propane is and all the ways it beats electricity when it comes to your home.

Propane water heaters, ranges and cooktops, wall and space heaters and clothes dryers offer better energy efficiency than their electric counterparts. But they also make your life better with result like faster drying of your laundry, precise and instant temperature control for cooking, better space heating so you can use unheated areas even in winter, and more hot water for your shower with less wait.

And you get all of this without being dependent on an electrical grid, so you can enjoy all of this even when the power’s out!

At George Propane, we not only provide the propane but our plumbers and HVAC service technicians can install, service and repair your home’s propane equipment! Email to learn more.